Audit reports

Political party Social Democratic Union of Macedonia (SDSM) 31.08.2022 2021
Political party VMRO Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity (VMRO – DPMNE) 31.08.2022 2021
Political party Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) 31.08.2022 2021
Political party BESA Movement Skopje 31.08.2022 2021
Alliance of Albanians 31.08.2022 2021
Turkish National Unity Movement (DNET) 31.08.2022 2021
Civic option for Macedonia - GROM 31.08.2022 2021
Democratic Party of Albanians (DPA) 31.08.2022 2021
Ministry of Interior 26.08.2022 2021
IT System for registration, examination and employment in the Agency for Administration for implementation of competencies for employment in public administration 23.08.2022 2021
Borrowing of public sector entities, credit utilization ratio, paid and incurred expenses 04.08.2022 2021
Public broadcasting company Macedonian Radio and Television Skopje 29.07.2022 2021
Health Insurance Fund of the Republic of North Macedonia 22.07.2022 2021
City Trade Center, JSC for leasing office space, Skopje 19.07.2022 2021
Functionality of the platform for interoperability between public sector institutions 12.07.2022 2021
Effectiveness of Government measures on Gender Equality and Gender-responsive Budget Initiatives 19.07.2022 2021
Measures and policies taken by RNM/competent authorities for mitigating climate change 04.07.2022 2021
Joint Report on Management of Plastic Waste in Europe 09.05.2022 2020
Government economic measures for coping with the crisis caused by Covid-19 pandemic 04.05.2022 2021
Development Bank of North Macedonia JSC Skopje 27.04.2022 2021