SAO management meets with Fiscal Council members


Auditor General Maksim Acevski welcomed the members of the Fiscal Council to the initial meeting

The reform Law on Budgets provides for an independent body for supervision of national macroeconomic and fiscal policies. The Fiscal Council consists of independent members proposed by the State Audit Office, the National Bank and Macedonian Academy of Sciences & Arts (MANU), and elected by the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia.

Members of the first composition of the Fiscal Council are academician Abdylmenaf Bexheti, proposed by MANU, Ms. Marina Trpeska, professor at the Faculty of Economics at UKIM, proposed by the State Audit Office and Mr. Gligor Bishev, proposed by the National Bank, also the president of the Fiscal Council.

At the meeting, Auditor General Acevski expressed satisfaction and appreciation for the professional experience of the elected members and pointed out the expectations in relation to the key role of this independent body concerning the macroeconomic and fiscal policies and public finance management in the country.

Presenting the achieved results of SAO operation as the supreme audit institution in the country, which continuously contributes to the realization of a more effective control environment and protection of public funds through the fulfillment of SAO legal competences and the audit added value, Auditor General showed strong determination and openness for establishing cooperation with the Fiscal Council in the future.

The satisfaction and preparedness for cooperation and exchange of data were also emphasized by the Council members. The synergy between the Fiscal Council and the State Audit Office is crucial and necessary for advancing and improving both fiscal policies and public finance management, pointed out academician Bexheti.