Compassion and humanity in action

Сочувството и хуманоста одлика на ДЗР

Following the news of the devastating earthquake in the Republic of Türkiye and Syria, the State Audit Office once again showed its solidarity and humanity in action.

Auditor General Maksim Acevski, on behalf of SAO employees, sent a telegram of condolence to his colleague, the President of the Turkish Court of Accounts, Mr. Metin Yener, expressing deep sympathy and solidarity for the catastrophe that touched the hearts of the entire nation.

Auditor General also expressed his sincere condolences to the Ambassador of the Republic of Türkiye in our country, H.E. Hasan Mehmet Sekizkök in these extremely difficult and sad moments for the families of the victims and the entire Turkish nation.

As a socially responsible institution, SAO once again showed its humanity, modestly allocating 100.000 denars as support for the citizens of Türkiye and Syria, paid to the account of the Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia - Solidarity Fund Skopje.

Auditor General emphasized that the merit of humane people is in their modesty and that he hopes and strongly believes that this step will be followed by all other institutions and citizens.

Humanity reflects the greatness of a person and is a virtue of every individual who sincerely knows how and wants to lend a hand to anyone in need.