Successful completion of 2022 training plan

Успешна реализација на планот за обуки за 2022 година

The annual cycle of professional development trainings of state auditors was finalized by organizing training on internal control system and functioning, financially supported by UNDP.

Auditor General Maksim Acevski opened the workshop by addressing the significance of the continuous professional development as a tool for increasing knowledge and skills of employees that contributed to the results achieved in 2022.

The training was held by experienced professionals - the international consultant from Croatia, Prof. dr. sc. Boris Tušek, the AG Advisor for audit methodology and practice Ms. Tanja Tasevska and the AG Advisor for audit development Ms. Natasa Misovska.

Mr. Tushek covered topics related to the system of internal controls, the possibilities of using the work of internal auditors in state audit, as well as organizational and methodology aspects of internal audit.

Ms. Tasevska held a training session on improving skills for writing the summary in performance audit reports. Ms. Misovska presented the new Gender Audit Guidelines.

The training for state auditors is an activity defined in the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the State Audit Office and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), as well as in SAO Annual Plan for continuous professional development and training for 2022.