CIPFA support for SAO accreditation


Increasing availability of effective and innovative delivery of CIPFA courses and support for corruption risk management training were the topics of the meeting of Auditor General Maksim Acevski and CIPFA International Director Mr. Khalid Hamid.

The State Audit Office as an institution with highly rated integrity and professionalism, which constantly invests in advancement and strengthening of HR capacities, has provided an opportunity for 101 authorized state auditors to acquire the International Certificate in Corruption Risk Management, of which 17 as certified trainers. This has created a prospect to expand CIPFA activities by providing support for SAO accreditation.

Negotiations for deepening cooperation of mutual interest and benefit of the two institutions are underway, with the aim of creating preventive and efficient control environment in the fight against corruption and other types of improper conduct.

The proven quality and  preparedness to be a credible source for support of beneficial changes in the public sector by building capacities for promoting learning and sharing knowledge, allow SAO to carry the epithet of a regional leading SAI as a guardian of public funds and protection of citizens' interests.