Success requires vision, effort, hard work and dedication


Today, the State Audit Office celebrates 26 years of existence as a legal entity and 24 years of accumulated and transferred knowledge and experience, continuous commitment and hard work to maintain the epithet of an independent and professional institution with high integrity and a bearer of progress in public funds management, accountability and responsibility. Thus, SAO continuously strives to improve the well-being of the citizens of our country.

We, as a supreme audit institution, have the courage to see things as they are, but also the skills that help us continue strengthening the trust and reputation of an independent, objective and efficient institution for safeguarding taxpayers' funds.

In the spirit of INTOSAI principles and as a custodian of public assets, with a lot of effort and dedication, professionalism, integrity and impartiality, SAO today enjoys high credibility as one of the most recognizable institutions in the Republic of North Macedonia. We promote good governance, strengthen transparency, ensure accountability and responsibility, fight corruption, promote trust and encourage efficient and effective use of public resources for the benefit of the citizens.

As we celebrate this anniversary and reflect on our role as a supreme audit institution that has maintained the highest standards in the role of guardian of accountability, transparency and protection of citizens' interests for 24 years, I would like to express my gratitude to the employees who, with their dedication, love for the institution and hard work have moved the State Audit Office up to the pedestal. I feel privileged to work with people for whom excellence is not an act, but a practice and preference.