State Election Commission was paying fees without measurable criteria

28.07.2021 - 08:30
Државна изборна комисија (ДИК)


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Skopje, 28.07.2021


State Election Commission was paying fees without measurable criteria

The authorized state auditor expressed adverse opinion on the reality and objectivity of financial statements, as well as on the compliance of financial transactions with relevant legislation, guidelines and policies in place

The State Audit Office conducted audit on the financial statements together with compliance audit on the core budget account of the State Election Commission (SEC) for 2019.

The authorized state auditors also audited the approved funds for 2019 election activities, the presidential elections and the early elections for mayors of the municipalities of Ohrid, Novo Selo and Debar.

It was ascertained that out of 80 municipal election commissions (MECs), 25 MECs, i.e. 31% did not submit Work Report to SEC, although it is an obligation in line with the Electoral Code as a basis for calculation and payment of the engagement fee.

Regarding payment of funds for current expenses incurred in relation to election activities of each MEC, the authorized state auditor concluded that some MEC made payments without adequate and complete financial documentation.

For the presidential elections and the early elections for mayors of the municipalities of Ohrid, Novo Selo and Debar in 2019, the members of election boards (president, members and deputies) were paid 133 million denars in total based on a decision.

These funds were paid based on data entered by MEC for payment of election boards’ fee. However, the authorized state auditor was not able to compare data entered by MEC with data from decisions on payment of fees prepared by SEC because these data were  not presented and saved in the web application (electronically or in paper form).

Additionally, the auditors found that 5 million denars were paid to 154 persons engaged in the subsidiary bodies and persons employed in SEC administrative office. With the analysis of the payment of this fee, auditors determined that the fee for work competences and work performance as part of the total fee, was paid without qualitative and measurable criteria.

With the audit on the regular operation, the authorized state auditor ascertained that the State Election Commission has not carried out inventory of assets and sources of funds in accordance with the laws and bylaws, which resulted in incapacity to confirm the reality and objectivity of reported assets and their sources, and decreases the quality of financial statements and the information they provide.

Concerning implementation of procedures for awarding public procurement contracts, the audit report states that the manner of conducting negotiated procedures without announcement does not provide equal treatment and competition between economic operators.

The Emphasis of matter paragraph discloses shortcomings that may have future financial implications and impact on the work of SEC. These shortcomings refer to the process of implementation of public procurement procedures for new and upgrade of existing software solutions in SEC and procurement of TV sets for displaying election results in external conditions (for protection and maintaining distance due to Covid 19) for the early parliamentary elections in 2020.

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