Workshop on acting upon final audit reports


On 18 January 2024, employees of the State audit Office and the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of good governance policies held a workshop on "Improving methods for best use of data and recommendations contained in SAO final audit reports".

In the introductory speeches, both Auditor General Maksim Acevski and Deputy Prime Minister in charge of good governance policies Slavica Grkovska expressed contentment with the successful communication and cooperation between these two institutions and emphasized the commitment for creating quality control environment and efficient system for acting on the findings and recommendations contained in the audit reports.

In addition, they stated that it is necessary to promote positive practice of successful operation in the public sector in the system for prevention and fight against corruption, as well as to have comprehensive support from competent authorities and stakeholders.

Apart from the representatives from these two institutions, the workshop was attended by Ms. Besa Arifi, professor of criminal law and GRECO representative in the country, and Ms. Snezhana Lupevska, investigative journalist and TV producer.