Meeting with CEF representatives


Auditor General Maksim Acevski and his colleagues hosted Ms. Jana Repanšek, Director of the Center of Excellence in Finance (CEF) Slovenia, and her colleagues, Ms. Natasa Ilijeva Acevska, Senior Officer - Leadership and Learning Ecosystems and Ms. Aleksandra Tekijaški, Senior Program and Fundraising Officer.

In the spirit of the benefits of knowledge management and exchange, the aim of the meeting was to deepen the established fruitful and lasting cooperation between the two institutions.

The power of effective knowledge management and CEF supported SAO aspirations to become a learning organization through leadership skills will contribute to continuous education and development of capacities of public institution officials, particularly in the field of public funds management, with the aim of increasing efficiency, economy and effectiveness of the use of public funds and creating efficient control environment.

In the coming period, the cooperation will be intensified through increased participation of SAO employees in CEF trainings, both as as active participants and as experts who will share their knowledge and best practices in certain areas.