Presented results of the National Integrity System


At the event, TI-Macedonia President Ms. Sladjana Taseva presented the results of the National Integrity System highlighting the weakest and the strongest evaluated pillars. Ms. Taseva emphasized that the Macedonian National Integrity System is continuously characterized by dominance of the executive and weaknesses of other key institutions.

Among the best-rated pillars according to TI-Macedonia report are the State Audit Office and the State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption.

During the event, Auditor General Maksim Acevski expressed contentment that he manages an institution where employees possess high professionalism, responsibility and integrity.

Auditor General also gave a presentation on the methodology acts for corruption prevention, the integrity policy, and other documents and acts that substantiate the results and transparency of the State Audit Office. Mr. Acevski once again emphasized the necessity to finally recognize and praise the success stories in the system of prevention and fight against corruption in our country. The State Audit Office, as supreme audit institution, will strive with maximum commitment to contribute with the findings contained in the final audit reports to the creation of quality and efficient control environment.

The event was attended by numerous representatives from the competent institutions in charge of prevention and fight against corruption, diplomatic corps, civil society organizations and the media.