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Television debate on audit reports
Acevski - “If auditors haven't done their job, the situation would have been even worse!"

SAO transparency, as one of the five strategic objectives, was confirmed by the guest appearance of Maksim Acevski, Assistant to the Auditor General, who attended the TV debate "Editorial Briefing" on 1TV. Mr. Acevski, together with Ms. Slagjana Taseva from "Transparency International Macedonia" participated in the debate hosted by the journalist Aco Kabranov.


During the debate it was emphasized that audit reports are the main source of data and information about the spending of citizens' money from the Budget. The last two published audit reports were on the financial operation of the Ministry of Justice for 2016 and the Ministry of Culture for a longer period.


- “State audit aims to protect the state funds andtherefore every manager appointed by the competent authorities should take care of the legal and earmarked use of funds”, pointed out Mr. Acevski.


According to Ms. Taseva, audit reports are only published on the institution's website, and more needs to be done to interest the citizens to read these reports.


- “According to international reports, hundreds of millions have been exported from the Republic of Macedonia in an unknown direction because there is no proper control over the spending of public money, said Ms. Taseva, and added that institutions should analyze and act upon the findings of the auditors.


According to Mr. Acevski, if the auditors didn’t do their job, the situation would have been even worse. This year the institutions already acted upon several audit reports and requested data from the auditors, which shows that things are moving forward. The Annual Report on SAO operation and conducted audits that will be published in the following days shows signs of improvement.


Some of the most well-known legal cases "Bacilo" and "National Payment Card", initiated by the former Anti-Corruption Commission were disclosed in the audit reports.


Mr. Acevski and Ms. Taseva agree that citizens should be more interested in the audit reports, but also that the media need to bring the topic closer to the citizens and interpret the data.


In this context, SAO is announcing short briefing followed by a press conference with journalists for presenting latest data from SAO 2017 Annual Report, which will be discussed by the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia.


You can see the whole debate on the link below.

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