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Meeting with IMF mission

At the request of the International Monetary Fund, three-member mission -  Ms. Amanda Sayegh, Mr. Philip Stokoe and Suzanne Flynn - met with SAO representatives last Wednesday (2 May).



SAO delegation -  Ms. Cveta Ristovska and Ms. Tanja Janevska, Assistants to the Auditor General, discussed on several topics with the IMF delegation:


- Request for audit of the accounts of public entities;

- Number of audited entities and scope of audited expenditure of the central government;

- Types of audit / audit opinion published in SAO Annual Report;

- Types of audit findings in performed audits in recent years and action taken upon recommendations;

- SAO opinion on the quality of Government's fiscal reports.



SAO representatives were open for discussion and informed IMF mission on all topics.


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