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President of the Turkish Court of Accounts paid a visit to SAO

Delegation of the Turkish Court of Accounts headed by the President of the Court Mr. Seyit Ahmet Baş paid two-day visit to the State Audit Office (17-18 April). The discussions focused on the progress and development of both supreme audit institutions, as well as on continuation of the successful mutual cooperation.



During the official talks, the two delegations exchanged experience in relation to the 15 years’ ongoing cooperation. The heads of the two SAIs agreed that the mutual cooperation has deep roots and that it should be nurtured in the future.



TCA delegation also visited the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Macedonia and made a short visit and sightseeing of the cultural and historical landmarks of Ohrid.



TCA delegation also included Mr. Abdullah Simsek, Member of the Turkish Court of Accounts, and Mr. Feyzullah Okumus, International Relations Director. SAO delegation included Ms. Tanja Janevska and Mr. Maksim Acevski (Assistants to the Auditor General) and Ms. Kaliopi Petkoska (Principal Auditor, International Relations).




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