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Twinning Project cooperation with Croatia SAI
Setting up systemic cooperation between SAO and Macedonian Assembly

Recently, the State Audit Office together with its twinning partners – Bulgaria NAO and Croatia SAO - officially promoted its new twinning project entitled "Further improvement of administrative capacities and external audit efficiency of the State Audit Office", supported and funded by the European Union. Within the project activities of one of the four project components – Component 3, for realization of legal and institutional reform of the systemic cooperation between the State Audit Office and the Macedonian Assembly, was the initial meeting held in the premises of the Assembly.


The meeting was attended by representatives of the Assembly (members of the Finance and Budget Committee), representatives of EU Delegation, as well as representatives of Macedonia SAO and Croatia SAO.



At the meeting, organized and run by the president of the Finance and Budget Committee Ms. Liljana Kuzmanovska, Deputy Auditor General Naser Ademi and EU Delegation rep Paulina Stanoeva gave the opening address. The meeting continued with observations and discussion by SAO Leader of Component 3 Ms. Cveta Ristovska and the colleagues from Croatia SAO - the Component Leader Ms. Nedeljka Rogosic, Ms. Biserka Coh Mikulec and Ms. Ines Stegic.


The participants also discussed the upcoming issues and challenges in setting up an effective cooperation between the Assembly and the State Audit Office from the aspect of best practice in EU member states.


The main goal of this cooperation is to provide enhanced supervision by the Assembly on the implementation of audit recommendations and the audit opinion on the manner of spending public funds by the public sector institutions.


Special emphasis was given to the experience arising from the legal and institutional cooperation of the Croatian Parliament and the State Audit Office of the Republic of Croatia, in terms of the real expectation that the Republic of Macedonia will use exactly the Croatian experience in the process of accession, as the youngest member state of the European Union.


In addition, the Croatian experience could be very useful considering the fact that Republic of Croatia has similar public sector characteristics with the Macedonian one, which may contribute to the most adequate adaptation and reform of the current cooperation in line with the European practice. In that regard, other EU audit practice will be also considered. The next project phases foresee a thorough comparative analysis and a proposal model of cooperation.

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