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Delegation from Bosnia and Herzegovina SAI pays a visit to SAO

The intensive international activity of the State Audit Office continues with the visit of a delegation of SAI of Bosnia and Herzegovina headed by Deputy Auditor General Ranko Krsman. BiH delegation will participate in a two-day workshop and discussions with SAO representatives headed by Deputy Auditor General Naser Ademi.



The main topic of interest for the Bosnian delegation is the Audit Management System (AMS) and its practical application in financial and performance audit. In addition, SAO representatives will present the IT infrastructure in relation to the functioning of the AMS and the SAPRI system (software for follow up of data from final audit reports).



Both delegations will also discuss further strengthening of cooperation and exchange of audit experience from everyday work.



Bosnia and Herzegovina SAI delegation: Mr. Ranko Krsman (Deputy Auditor General), Mr. Nedzat Hajtic (Head of Financial Audit Department), Mr. Slavisha Vukovic (IT auditor), Mr. Munib Ovcina (Head of Department for Development, Methodology and Quality Management), Mr. Dervisa Harvash (IT auditor), Ms. Bozana Simic (Head of IT department), Ms. Renata Kuzic (Senior Auditor) and Mr. Milan Milasinovic (Auditor).



Macedonia SAO delegation: Mr. Naser Ademi (Deputy Auditor General), Ms. Tanja Janevska (Head of Audit Department), Ms. Liljana Stojanova (Head of Audit Department), Mr. Maksim Acevski (Head of Audit Department), Mr. Sasho Jakovcevski (Deputy Head of Audit), Ms. Kaliopi Petkoska (Principal Auditor), Mr. Vladimir Nikolovski (IT Auditor), Mr. Goran Popovski (IT Auditor), Ms. Julijana Stefanovic (Principal Auditor), Ms. Dobrinka Veskovska (Principal Auditor) and Blerta Ganiu (Auditor).

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