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New SAO IT Strategy 2018-2022

In December 2017, SAO adopted IT Strategy for the period 2018-2022, which aims to increase the efficiency of SAO information system and also contributes to the implementation of SAO Development Strategy 2018 - 2022.


The new IT Strategy is based on performed evaluation of the previous IT Strategy 2013-2017 and on the analysis of goals achieved and activities implemented, the results of IT self-assessments conducted in cooperation with the Netherlands Court of Audit, as well as the latest technology developments.


SAO IT Strategy covers several aspects:

- transparency and promptness of SAO information system;

- improvement of security of data, equipment, systems and communications;

- implementation of IT standards for backup and recovery of data of highest priority and all other relevant data;

- planning of IT investments for upgrade and maintenance of SAO IT system; and

- continuous education and training of SAO employees in the field of information and communication technology.


One of the four specific goals of the Strategy is presenting results of SAO operation and this document envisages proper activities for implementation thereof.



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