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SAO Annual Work Program for 2018 adopted
67 audits planned for 2018

Based on Article 9 paragraph 2 of the State Audit Law and Article 34 of SAO Rulebook on internal organization, the Annual Work Program for 2018 was adopted. It entered into force on the day of its adoption (28 December 2017) and it shall be applied from 01 January 2018.


The Annual Work Program will be implemented in accordance with the legal framework as prescribed by the State Audit Law with the aim to accomplish the strategic objectives of state audit. In this context, one of the priorities is to ensure SAO independence as a constitutional category in accordance with the principles of the Mexico Declaration.


With the Annual Work Program for 2018, SAO will endeavor to continue raising the level of audit quality in accordance with auditing standards and methodology practice of the state audit. The new electronic audit management system (AMS) will be used for the implementation of the program.


The selection of the subjects / projects / topics for SAO Annual Work Program was carried out in accordance with Article 22 and Article 23 paragraph 1 of the State Audit Law and SAO Guidelines for proposing audits for the Annual Work Program. In accordance with the prescribed criteria of the Guidelines, in 2018 SAO plans to complete 67 audits.



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