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OAGN colleagues visit SAO (24 to 26 October)
Finalization of the AMS Project

From 24-26 October the State Audit Office hosted the members of the project team of the Office of the Auditor General of Norway (OAGN). With the three-day meetings between SAO and OAGN project members the joint project of the two SAIs will be finalized and closed.



The audit management system is very useful IT tool, which greatly facilitates the audit process for the state auditors. The AMS is a custom-designed modern software solution that was developed in accordance with the needs of the State Audit Office.

AMS project was a joint project of Macedonian and Norwegian SAIs. The official start of the project was in September 2012 in Skopje when the heads of the two SAIs - Ms. Tanja Tanevska and Mr. Jorgen Kosmo signed a memorandum of cooperation.



Over the five-year period the project was implemented by the members of both project teams: Jorild Skrefsurd and Lise Margrethe Stryk Hansen - Project Coordinators, Anne Hald - OAGN Technical Team Leader, Tomas Rognes, John Green and Kristian Melgaard - OAGN project team members; Tanja Janevska - Project Manager, Sasho Jakovcevski - SAO Technical Team Leader, Vladimir Nikolovski, Kaliopi Petkoska, Goran Popovski, Katerina Terzioska, Branko Smilevski, Marija Bacovska Trencevska - SAO project team members and Zlatko Kitanoski -local expert.


The official closure of the project was held on 26 October at Arka Hotel in Skopje. On this occasion, Auditor General Mrs. Tanja Tanevska and OAGN Head of International Cooperation Department Mrs. Gry Anette Midtbo, addressed SAO employees and the other guests at the ceremony. The achieved project results were presented by the project manager Ms. Tanja Janevska.

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