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Auditor General at UN/INTOSAI Symposium in Vienna

Vienna, Austria is hosting the 24th UN/INTOSAI Symposium from 31 May – 2 June.  The symposium is attended by UN representatives and representatives of INTOSAI member SAIs. The State Audit Office, as an INTOSAI member, will be represented by Auditor General Tanja Tanevska.


The aim of the symposium is to include the different regional points of view, to compare different levels of development and to discuss the current implications and relevance of digitalization, open data and data mining for SAIs, as well as possibilities for enhancing their contributions to the follow-up and review of the SDGs.


The symposium will be opened by INTOSAI Secretary General Margit Kraker, and participants will be welcomed by UN DESA Director Marion Barthélemy.

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